Portfolio Item: start.att.net


start.att.net was the homepage for all of AT&T’s US ISP customers from 2016-2019. I and others worked on it from the short-lived LA office of Synacor. start.att.net was also preloaded as the default homepage on all Android phones and tablets. The site attracted roughly 32mm pageviews/day.


Users could carry out a range of tasks on the site, such as:

  • Tracking securities values
  • Managing securities portfolios
  • Following sports teams and getting scores
  • Checking the latest weather
  • Getting local and national news
  • Reading the comics
  • Following their horoscope

The site used both proprietary Synacor and Taboola technology to dynamically customize content to appeal most to the user and deliver the most pageviews and ad interactions. Video dominated throughout.

Our development process was fully Agile, with two-week sprints and very close interaction between Product, UX, development, and QA. Technologies used were PHP, Go, Backbone, and Preact.



The mobile version of the site had the same features as the desktop site, with the exception of the ability to configure the portfolio-monitoring tools. It had the advantage of being configured as the device homepage from the factory, for Android handsets and tablets.


The desktop site presented the same features in a slightly larger space, allowing more content, tools, and options to be shown at once.


start.att.net exceeded all client expectations and was the highest-performing property in the division portfolio in 2018. However, Verizon was able to get the business away from Synacor with an aggressive bid in 2019. As of September 2019, start.att.net has been succeeded by currently.att.yahoo.com.